3月17日(日)22時から、18日(月)19時から(再放送)のロックトレイン816」は、4週間にわたり皆様に投票をいただいた 「ベストアルバム ランキング Top140」の3回目 、60位〜21位を発表いたします。今週もゲストはグリードさん、ペンギンさん、良い声さん、Yoshi Tさんをお迎えしてお届けいたします。さて結果は?

140位Introducing The Hardline According To→Terence Trent D’arby
139位Grace→Jeff Buckley
138位Red Rose Speedway→Paul McCartney&Wings
137位Dark Horse→George Harrison
134位The Stranger→Billy Joel
133位Never Mind The Bollocks→Sex Pistols
132位Stories From The City→P J Harvey
130位The Wall→Pink Floyd
129位To Chi Ka→渡辺香津美
127位Indian Summer→Poco
126位Demon Days→Gorrilaz
125位Presents Smile→Brian Wilson
124位OK Computer→Radiohead
123位A Long Vacation→大瀧詠一
122位Winner Takes All→Isley Brothers
121位Live In Hollywood Bowl→Beatles
120位Pearl→Janis Joplin
119位Brian Wilson→Brian Wilson
118位Talk Is Cheap→Keith Richards
117位Sweetheart Of Rodeo→Byrds
116位Marquee Moon→Television
115位Around The World In A Day→Prince&Revolution
114位There’s No Place Like America Today→Curtis Mayfield
113位Venus And Mars→Paul McCartney&Wings
112位Christpher Cross→Christpher Cross
111位Hunky Dory→David Bowie
109位Roxy Music→Roxy Music
107位Unbehagen→Nina Hagen
106位Loveless→My Bloody Valentine
104位Cafe Bleu→Style Council
103位Bringing It All Back Home→Bob Dylan
102位At Filmore East→Allman Brothers Band
101位A Day At The Race→Queen
100位There’s A Riot Goix’ On→Sly&Family Stone
99位Their Satanic Majesties Request→Rolling Stones
98位461 Ocean Blouverd→Eric Clapton
97位Before And After Science→Brian Eno
96位De Ja Vu→Crosby,Stills,Nash&Young
95位Just A Stone Throw Away→Valerie Carter
94位Morning Glory→Oasis
93位Chicken Skin Music →Ry Cooder
92位Something/Anything→Todd Rungren
91位There Goes Rhymin’ Simon→Paul Simon
90位The Mad Cap Laughs→Syd Barrett
89位Queen Is Dead→Smiths
88位Painkiller→Judas Priest
87位Electric Ladyland→Jimi Hendrix Experience
86位Muswell Hillbillies→Kinks
85位Wish You Were Here→Pink Floyd
84位A Night On The Town→Rod Stewart
83位Metal Box→Public Image Limited
81位Off The Wall→Michael Jackson
80位Over America→Paul McCartney&Wings
79位A Million Of First Kisses→Fairground Attraction
78位Village Green Preservation Society→Kinks
77位After The Goldrush→Neil Young
76位Rumours→Fleetwood Mac
75位Made In Japan→Deep Purple
74位Miles Ahead→Miles Davis
73位Last Concert In Japan→Deep Purple
72位Music For Airports→Brian Eno
71位The Lam Lies Down On Broadway→Genesis
70位Original Soundtrack→10CC
69位Jesus Of Cool→Nick Lowe
68位Electric Warrior→T Rex
67位24K Magic→Bruno Mars
66位Exile On Main St.→Rolling Stones
65位Who’s Next→Who
64位Closing Time→Tom Waits
63位Led Zeppelin→Led Zeppelin
62位Sail Away→Randy Newman
61位What’s Goin’ On→Marvin Gaye